NOCO can help your business grow in sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It is a business practice that impacts your business as well as the world at large.

NOCO’s business sustainability services can help you improve your business’ sustainability practices that will help not only the environment, but your bottom line and attractiveness to potential investors.

We offer expert, personalized sustainability consulting that gives you guidance and support for growing your business’ sustainability while keeping your needs and financials in mind.

Our commercial services and partnerships also help you with your sustainability goals.

To help you get started, we’ve put together some information about sustainability so you can understand how it benefits your business, employees, and community.

What is business sustainability?

Sustainability is a principle in which we strive to meet the current needs of society without compromising the ability of future generations to do so. Companies can uphold this value by reducing or eliminating their use of limited resources, and/or shifting their focus towards eco-friendly alternatives that have a smaller environmental impact.

Some examples of sustainability include:

  • Improving energy efficiency at offices and other facilities
  • Reducing all kinds of waste, including paper and food
  • Optimizing supply chains to minimize environmental impact
  • Using renewable energy resources wherever possible
  • Leveraging technology to improve efficiency in work and streamlining services
  • Increasingly, investors are turning to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics as a way of gauging an organization’s ethical standing and sustainability efforts. Investors not only assess a company’s financial performance, but they also take into account elements such as its carbon footprint, water consumption, commitment to community development, and diversity among the board members.

    NOCO’s sustainability services

    We put our experience and knowledge to work for you in our sustainability consulting.

    We’ll teach you about identifying sustainability goals for your business and how to prioritize them, how to work together between departments to achieve those goals, how to use data and analytics to set goals and measure results, and how to leverage your sustainability in the marketplace.

    NOCO also offers sustainability services and partnerships that you can use as you work towards your sustainability goals.

    Community solar. Invest in a community solar farm and not only get clean energy, but credits that help you save on your electric bills without having to install solar panels.

    Glycol recovery and recycling. If your business uses glycols, our collection, transport, and processing services can take care of those in line with all regulations and sustainability best practices.

    Energy efficiency. Our energy audit of your space will help identify strategies to improve energy efficiency and lower your expenses without sacrificing workplace efficiency and comfort. Plus, we are partnering with Shanor Electric—now a part of the NOCO family—to bring you quality, efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions for your business.

    Geothermal. Want the ultimate in sustainable heating a cooling? Our geothermal services can help you harness the power in the ground to provide natural heating and cooling without relying on fossil fuels.
    Food waste services. Did you know that commercial food waste amounts to 66 billion pounds each year? That’s more than 60% of the food waste in the U.S. River Road Research is our partner and will work with your business to reduce and repurpose food waste instead of sending it off to landfills.

    Organic surplus. NOCO partners with Buffalo River Compost in their mission to prevent thousands of tons of organic surplus from being dumped into local landfills yearly. Instead, these materials are recycled and transformed into environmentally beneficial compost.

    Tend. Our newest product, Tend, crafts quality soil amendments such as composts and mulches to sustain your land. Additionally, our animal feeds are based on protein-rich insect products for a healthy diet!

    Do good for your business as well as the planet. Contact NOCO today to set up a consultation about our commercial sustainability services.

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