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While we are still getting through the last days of winter here in Western New York, many businesses are already looking ahead to warmer weather. One factor they need to consider is how to cool their commercial spaces.

Proper cooling is essential beyond keeping your employees and customers comfortable. It is also needed to keep essential technology such as computers and servers, materials such as paints, and more, at a safe temperature.

NOCO is here to help with our commercial HVAC services. We help you choose the right commercial air conditioning system for your business, and provide expert installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our affordable Customized Annual Maintenance Agreement covers annual tune-ups, gives you priority service, and covers many parts and labor costs for repairs.

What kinds of commercial air conditioning systems are there?

Not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to cooling. So, there are many options available.

Central air conditioning. These operate similarly to central air conditioning systems in homes. They use ductwork to circulate cooled air around your work space. They also help with dehumidifying a space.

Ductless mini-splits. Also known as heat pumps, these are ideal for small spaces or multiple small spaces as they can create zoned cooling. Ductless mini-splits are also a good cooling option for commercial spaces that do not have ductwork.

Multi-split systems. Multi-split systems operate in a fashion similar to single split units, with the added benefit of being able to link multiple indoor components to an individual exterior unit. Restaurants, businesses, and offices frequently employ this approach as the fewer outside units take up space and make for a more attractive outdoor setting.

VRF/VRV. For commercial establishments of medium to large size, such as hotels, offices and retail outlets, VRF (variable refrigerant flow) or VRV (variable refrigerant volume) are often the ideal HVAC solution. They are essentially the same system; the name varies based on the brand. Heat pumps and heat recovery are used in both systems. Heat pump systems are ideal for open floor plans because they can quickly and efficiently cool the space. Heat recovery systems are a great choice for buildings with many rooms, as they can simultaneously provide both cooling and heating to various areas.

PTACs/VTACs. These are commonly used in hotels and apartment buildings. PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) are mounted on the exterior wall of a hotel room. These allow the dwellers to control the cooling and heating of the space. They also eliminate the need for ductwork to all the rooms or apartments. VTACs are compact, wall-installed air conditioning systems that have the capacity to cool several rooms. The way they work is by absorbing air from the base and releasing it through an upper duct in order to cool the area.

Chillers. Chillers are another common air conditioning system. There are two types of chillers: air-cooled and water-cooled options. Air-cooled systems reduce heat without adding any additional moisture to the environment whereas with water cooled systems, warm liquid is circulated through pipes in order to dissipate the heat from your space quickly and effectively.

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