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NOCO has been serving Western New York for almost 90 years. During that time, we’ve evolved while remaining true to our high standards for providing outstanding service that helps our customers keep their homes warm, safe, and comfortable.

One way we provide that stellar service is by providing pricing programs that allow our customers to manage their heating oil, propane, electricity, and natural gas costs in ways that best suit their needs and their budgets. You can choose the one that works best for you!

Fixed Price

The way things are in the world at large and the economy right now, we all want some stability. You get that with Fixed Price! That’s because your price per gallon for your propane or heating oil is locked in when you enroll. And that price stays the same all heating season. You will be better able to plan your fuel budget so you can better control your household expenses. Fixed Price is available to Automatic Delivery customers and is subject to credit approval.

Pre-Buy Fixed Price

You have enough to do in the coming months, what with fall activities, the holidays, and Bills games without having to deal with managing your propane or heating oil costs. With Pre-Buy Fixed Price, that hassle is taken off your plate AND you save money!

Here’s how it works: You purchase your winter’s supply or heating oil or propane ahead of the start of heating season. You then pay for that supply ahead of time at a discounted price. If fuel prices spike this winter, which is a risk with the volatility in the markets, you could avoid some big heating bills. Enrollment in Automatic Delivery is required.

Market Price

The volatility in the fuel markets may work in your favor when it comes to your propane or heating oil costs. Have you seen how quickly gasoline prices went down over the summer? If you choose to go with Market Price, you pay the price per gallon on the day of your fuel delivery. You could save a lot of money if fuel prices fall!

Guaranteed Savings

For our electricity and natural gas customers, we offer Guaranteed Savings along with Fixed Price. With Guaranteed Savings, you get a lower price on supply services over a 12-month period than you would from your utility company. This could help you shrink your natural gas and electricity costs!

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