A Maintenance Plan Helps Keep Your A/C in Good Condition

central air repair new yorkWith each spring day, the time that we’re going to have to turn on the air conditioning in our homes draws nearer.

Now is the best time to have your home’s central air conditioning system tuned up for the year. It’s still early in the spring, so the demand for appointments isn’t as great so you can schedule your A/C tune-up for a date and time that works for you.

Our skilled and expert service technicians will ensure that your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency, lowering your energy bills. A tune-up also allows them to identify and repair any issues before they result in a failure.

You can help take care of your air conditioning system and protect yourself against big repair bills with our air conditioning Maintenance Plan. An annual maintenance tune-up is included in the plan. If your air conditioning does need repairs, a Maintenance Plan covers many parts and labor costs. 

If you detect any of the following issues with your central air conditioning, contact us and request a service call.

Warm air or not much air

If the air coming from your vents while the A/C is on is warm, there are a few possibilities. The most frequent reasons for this are that the refrigerant level in the A/C is low or there is an issue with the compressor. If insufficient air comes from the vents, it could also be an indication of a compressor problem.

The A/C cycles on and off a lot

Is your central air conditioning switching on and off frequently? It’s possible that the thermostat is faulty. A bigger problem is that the A/C system might be too big or too little for your property.

The air coming out of the A/C smells bad

If your air conditioner has an electrical, scorched odor when it’s on, it’s usually due to a burned-out wire in the air conditioning system. Is there an old musty smell from the A/C? That might be mold in the ductwork.

Odd sounds

If your A/C is making noises like squealing, grinding, and scraping while it’s on, there’s a good chance that the system has a damaged or loosened component. Don’t put off contacting us for a service call. This might lead to a breakdown and big repair bills if it’s not addressed promptly.

Make sure your home’s air conditioning system is ready for summer. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance tune-up. And don’t forget to ask about our service plans! 

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