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how much heating oil new yorkWe can’t give you precise predictions on how much heating oil or propane you’ll need to keep your home warm this winter. There are so many variables: the size of your home, how well insulated it is, the age and condition of your heating system, how warm you like your home to be, the age and condition of your windows, and more.

That’s why we recommend our customers take advantage of our FREE Automatic Delivery option. We use your fuel usage history along with current weather conditions to expertly calculate when you’ll need more propane or heating oil. With that information, a delivery is made to your home before you run low.

We’ve put together some ways you can estimate so you can have a better idea of what your fuel costs may be this winter.

Heating oil

A Western New York home between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet will burn on average between five and eight gallons of heating oil each day in the winter. If the Polar Vortex comes for an extended visit, your heating oil usage will likely increase. Here’s an estimate of how much a home of that size will use based on outdoor temperatures. Remember, these are only estimates.

Outside temperature Gallons used per day
 15°F  7.8
 20°F  7.0
 25°F  6.2
 30°F  5.3
 35°F  4.5
 40°F  3.7
 45°F  2.8
 50°F  2.0


Propane is harder to calculate, because most homes that use propane for home heating also use it for other appliances such as water heaters, ranges, fireplaces, and clothes dryers.

Winter affects your usage of all those appliances. Your water heater will have to work harder because the water coming into your home is colder in the winter. You’ll be using your propane fireplace more. With the holidays and being home more, your propane range will get more frequent usage. If you have adult kids home from college, or family and friends visiting, your propane clothes dryer will be getting more of a workout with the increased laundry.

Here are the averages for propane usage for your propane appliances. Your usage may vary depending on the age, condition, and energy efficiency of your appliances.

Propane Appliance Annual Gallons Used
Furnace 1,000
Water Heater 250
 Fireplace 200
Range or cooktop 35
Clothes dryer 20

Have peace of mind about your propane or heating oil supply this winter. Contact NOCO today to enroll in Automatic Delivery!

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