A few tasks now will make life easier later

hvac service new yorkAs summer gets closer, you’re likely thinking about coming heat waves, not home heating. But now is a good time to give that a thought and take some action.

By taking care of your home heating system now, you’ll have no worries about it in the fall when you’ll have other things to worry about like back-to-school season, getting the house ready for colder weather, etc.

NOCO makes this easy with our home heating services. Here are some things you can do.

Get your heating system a tune-up

You could save yourself a lot of aggravation by having your furnaces or boilers serviced now.

It’s easier to book a heating system tune-up now because our service department has less work, so you’re more likely to get the day and time that works best for you.

NOCO’s professional service technicians will come to your home and do a thorough tune-up and inspection of your home’s furnace or boiler. We’re not as busy now in June as we are during the run-up to heating season, so repairs can be finished more quickly.

The benefit of heating system maintenance now is that you can be confident your heating equipment will be ready whenever the weather gets colder. Early cold snap? No worries.

Add protection with a NOCO maintenance plan

This is also a good opportunity to sign up for one of our maintenance plans to protect your equipment and help protect yourself from high repair bills. Our service plans come in packages designed to fit all needs and budgets.

Eight out of every 10 HVAC system breakdowns are caused by a lack of maintenance.

A NOCO maintenance plan helps prevent those costly repairs because annual maintenance tune-ups are included in all of our plans! 

Our maintenance plans also offer 24/7 emergency services, priority scheduling, and coverage of most repair expenses with our plans for both gas-fired heating systems and oil-fired heating systems.

Take care of your tank

Your fuel tanks could do with some attention this time of year as well.

Propane tanks. Do an inspection and check for signs of rust or other damage. Make sure that brush and any combustibles are far from the tank. Keep a clear path at least one foot wide from the driveway to your propane tank.

Heating oil tanks. While inspecting the tank, also look for problems such as condensation (also known as weeping) on the outside of the tank and any pinhole leaks on the tank or oil spots on the ground or floor under or around the tank.

Contact us if you notice any of these problems with your tank.

NOCO is here for all your year-round comfort needs, whether it’s heating, cooling, fuel delivery, water heating, indoor air quality, and more! Become a customer today.

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