You’ll like all the ways a Maintenance Plan benefits you!

hvac service new yorkWho would benefit from a NOCO Maintenance Plan for their home’s heating, cooling, and water heating systems? Everyone in our Western New York service area who has a home!

You can choose between our Comfort Service Plan and our Total Comfort Service Plan based on your needs and your budget. Here’s what you get with each.

Comfort Service Plan:

  • FREE annual maintenance tune-up
  • 15% discount on ALL parts and labor
  • Reduced service call fee
  • Preferred priority service
  • Discount on replacement parts

Total Comfort Service Plan:

  • FREE annual maintenance tune-up
  • Coverage for a wide array of parts
  • Labor coverage
  • 50% off service call fee
  • Preferred priority service
  • Discount on replacement parts.

Those benefits are great, but our Maintenance Plans also provide other benefits. Read on to learn more.

Your equipment is properly maintained

As we said, an annual tune-up is included with every NOCO Maintenance Plan, which ensures that your home’s HVAC and comfort equipment is in running at peak performance. Our expert and experienced repair staff thoroughly check, clean, and lubricate your equipment’s components, replacing any worn components.

The annual tune-up gives NOCO’s service technicians the opportunity to identify and repair any problems before they become worse. This can help you avoid the costs of breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Your energy costs go down

The goal of our Maintenance Plans is to help you save money on your energy costs, and not just by preventing large repair expenditures.

When your HVAC and comfort equipment are properly maintained, they operate at peak efficiency, allowing you to use the least amount of power without sacrificing a bit of comfort. This efficiency may save you 10% or more on your energy costs for that equipment. When you consider that heating and cooling account for about half of your home’s energy costs and water heating accounts for about 20%, you could end up saving some serious cash

Properly maintained HVAC and comfort equipment will have a longer lifetime than those that aren’t, so you won’t have to replace them as frequently. You’ll get a greater return on your investment.

If you do end up needing repairs, our Maintenance Plans cover a wide range of parts and labor costs, so those repairs may not be as costly.

Protect your warranty

Most manufacturers of HVAC systems and water heaters now include a provision in their warranties requiring that you have your equipment serviced by an expert service professional once a year. With our yearly tune-ups, which might help keep your warranty in force, you may avoid being saddled with a large repair payment in the future.

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