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water heater installationThe average lifespan of a traditional water heater with a tank is 10 to 12 years.

What is the age of your water heater? If it’s near or older than 10 or 12 years, you should begin considering a replacement.

The biggest mistake you can make is to put it off. Because at this moment, you’re on borrowed time with your water heater. You’ll be dealing with no hot water, potentially water damage in your home, and the need to rush to acquire a new water heater and have it installed if your water heater fails.

Instead, turn to NOCO! We’ll talk about your water heating requirements and offer you a FREE estimate for a new water heater. We can work with you to get competitive, transparent financing and any rebates your purchase qualifies for when you choose your new water heater.

Our staff of service technicians is trained, experienced, and courteous. They can not only install your new water heater, but they can also maintain and repair it if necessary.

NOCO’s affordable Total Comfort Service Plans help you keep your water heater running at peak efficiency and help you save money on repair costs.

Other signs to look for

Age isn’t the only sign that the time is coming to replace your water heater. Keep an eye out for these signs so you don’t get caught with a surprise water heater failure.

Rusty water. If you have rusty water coming from your faucet when you use hot water, there’s a chance it’s coming from the water heater tank. That might be an indication of an impending leak or a water heater failure. Contact us right away so we can assess the situation and get started on replacement.

Wet floor around the water heater. Leaks in your water heater aren’t always immediately apparent. Even little ones can create a tiny puddle or damp floor around your water heater over time. If the floor surrounding your water heater is wet or moist, contact us right away to have it examined.

Weird noises. When the water in your water heater tank is heated, any odd sounds produced by your water heater include banging or rumbling sounds are most likely caused by sediment that has built up and hardened in the bottom of your water heater tank. Your water heater may be beyond repair and need to be replaced.

Rising energy costs. Water heating consumes approximately 20% of the energy used in a home. This might be the reason behind any unforeseen and inexplicable surge in your energy bills. You may save money on water heating by one-third or more if you install a tankless water heater!

You can trust our experienced equipment service team with your home’s water heater. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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