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Fluid waste management is a growing industry as global demand increases. This growth can be attributed to population growth, increased urbanization, increased public awareness about the environmental impact of fluid waste, and more stringent industry and government regulation of fluid waste management and disposal.

Reports indicate that the industry will grow by 3.6% worldwide over the next five years as increased waste generation, especially in heavily populated areas, will lead to increased demand for fluid waste management.

If your Western New York business needs fluid waste management services, NOCO is here for you! We have extensive experience in providing simple and sustainable fluid waste management solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Fluid waste management definition

Fluid waste management involves procedures and practices in the safe collection and disposal of non-hazardous liquid materials to reduce discharge of pollutants into storm drains, bodies of water, and groundwater.

What is commercial liquid waste?

Commercial liquid waste is defined as any liquid that is contaminated and deemed unusable. Not all commercial liquid waste is hazardous, but it still needs to be managed properly.
These liquids include organic and inorganic wastewater, oil and water mixtures, non-hazardous wastewater, and fats, oils, and grease (commonly referred to as FOGs).

The industries that require fluid waste management include:

  • paper and pulp
  • pharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • automotive
  • health care
  • food and beverage
  • petrochemical

Properly managing liquid waste is essential for public safety and the environment. The contaminants can run off into groundwater or a body of water. In the soil, this can have negative impacts on the environment as well as wildlife and agriculture as it impacts growing. Once it’s in the water supply, it can be unhealthy or even dangerous for people and animals for drinking.

NOCO’s fluid waste management services

Many businesses in Western New York need comprehensive fluid waste management services like those provided by NOCO.

We’ve been meeting the needs of local businesses since 2015, recycling more than 15 million gallons of wastewater to help keep our local water supply cleaner and safer.

Our truck services and applications include:

  • wastewater and process water
  • petroleum products and petroleum-impacted water
  • brine water
  • catch and drainage basins
  • oil/water separators
  • floor drains
  • disposal of non-hazardous liquids, sludge, and solids
  • vacuum truck services
  • used glycol including ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and triethylene glycol

We charge zero upfront fees for tank measurements or sample testing.

NOCO’s liquid waste management services are fully insured. Our team of equipment operators and vehicle drivers are all experienced, and thoroughly trained to meet all regulatory standards from agencies including DOT, RCRA, OSHA, NYS DEC, and SPCC. You can be assured that your liquid waste disposal will be done in full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Our commercial services don’t stop with liquid waste management. NOCO also offers waste recovery and recycling services and sustainability counseling.

Get in touch with NOCO today to discuss the fluid waste management needs for your business.

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