Stay safe in Western NY winters with a whole-house backup generator!

generators new yorkIt’s early February, and the race for the Golden Snowball has begun.

With heavy snows and possibly ice likely here in Western New York, there is an increased risk of power outages that can leave your home in the dark and possibly dangerously cold.

There’s a great solution to keep your home and loved ones safe whenever the power goes out, whether it’s from snow, thunderstorms, or an electrical grid failure: a whole-house backup generator.

Whole-house backup generators can be operated with propane or natural gas. With quality service of both from NOCO, you’ll always have the fuel your generator needs! If you install a propane whole-house backup generator, we provide the most reliable propane delivery in Western New York.

Why whole-house generators are the right choice

Backup generators that run the whole house are also known as standby generators. Standby generators, as the name suggests, are ready to turn on at a moment’s notice. When the electricity goes out, the generator waits 10 seconds before turning on in order to be certain it is not a false alarm. You don’t have to do anything!

If you use a propane whole-house backup generator with its own propane tank, a full tank can keep your home in power for at least a week. For natural gas users, as long as you have a natural gas supply, your whole-house backup generator will have the fuel it needs.

All of your home’s needs can be met with that electricity: lights, a running refrigerator, and other kitchen appliances functioning medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs, an operational home security system, the comfort of home heating and cooling, and the ability to operate and charge electronics like computers, laptops, TVs, and phones to stay connected to the outside world.

Why portable generators aren’t a good solution

Portable generators are not expensive. But sometimes, going cheap isn’t the best choice.

If your power goes out at night or during a storm, you’ll have to go outside, fill up your portable generator, then link it with your home. It can be tough (especially during a lake-effect squall) and hazardous to do so.

Portable generators might produce carbon monoxide, which is an invisible, odorless, and potentially fatal gas. They should NEVER be used indoors or in a covered or enclosed area such as a garage, carport, or sunporch.

Most portable generators are fueled by propane or gasoline. Portable generators will not have the fuel required for longer outages unless you have several propane cylinders or several gallons of gasoline stored at your house. If you can’t get out to get more fuel because of downed trees, unplowed streets, or other issues, you’re without power once the fuel you have runs out.

Portable generators have a limited power capacity. They may be able to keep the lights on and the refrigerator running, but anything more … probably not.

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