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In the heart of Tonawanda, NY, founded in 1933, is NOCO HQ, a family-owned company. Transitioning from our inception as a residential coal supplier, NOCO has burgeoned into a leading authoritative figure in the energy sector, particularly renowned for our commercial electric business.


Trust in NOCO for Premier Commercial Electric Service

The cornerstone of NOCO‘s accomplishments in the complex landscape of commercial electricity provision lies in our diligent commitment to delivering reliable, affordable, and tailor-made energy solutions. As the region’s leading end-to-end energy provider and consultant, NOCO demonstrates our extensive experience in servicing a diverse range of sectors, including industrial facilities, farms, retail operations, and hotels. These sectors invariably demand a consistent, stable, and uninterrupted energy supply to ensure streamlined functionality. That’s where NOCO steps in, blurring the lines between the ordinary and extraordinary by going the extra mile to guarantee optimal satisfaction.

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Commercial electricity is, undoubtedly, a complex sphere riddled with multiple facets. The basic provision of electricity power is only the tip of the iceberg. Essentially, commercial electricity is a broad spectrum encompassing an array of services that require a well-structured, responsive network. This high level of expertise and understanding is what NOCO offers to our clients. NOCO, in our quest to deliver excellence, thus emerges as a beacon of light in the ever-evolving field of commercial energy provision.

Family-owned and community-focused, NOCO takes pride in our rooted values and foundation, that bind the company together globally while appealing locally. Every customer of NOCO is part of the extended family, a true testament to their customer-focused service. Their innate understanding of local infrastructure, comprehensive insights, and calculated energy solutions have steered businesses to drastically reduce overhead costs and improve operational efficiency. Tonight, millions will sleep in peace, and thousands of businesses will run smoothly, all thanks to the seamless supply of energy by NOCO.


Call on the Experts for Commercial Electric Services

NOCO is far more than an energy provider. It is a story of resilience, proactive innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a family-owned institution that couldn’t care more about our community and customers. Today, nearly a century after our inception, NOCO continues to illuminate countless businesses with our path-breaking commercial electric services, continuing to foster the spirit of ‘we’re more than just a company; we are part of your community.’

NOCO is the unheralded hero of commercial electricity in the region, constantly pushing boundaries while remaining true to our family-owned, community-focused ethos. Embedding advanced technology, rigorous quality control measures, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction to its core, NOCO stands as a shining testimony to the simple ideal that familial love and dedication to your craft can stand the test of time. And indeed, it has been quite the journey, from humble beginnings as a residential coal supplier to holding the mantle as a leading commercial energy provider in the region. NOCO, in its essence, epitomizes a legacy of power, trust, and enduring relationships.

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