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Community Solar is a state-led program that gives you, the consumer, access to the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on your property. Community Solar farms reduce your carbon footprint by supplying clean energy to the grid. And when you participate, you’ll receive savings on your existing electric bill in the form of Community Solar credits, which are based on your share of the Community Solar farm.

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Community Solar

Community Solar reduces your carbon footprint by supplying clean energy to the grid. And when you participate, you’ll see savings on your electricity bill.

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Connect with your community and save

As part of the Community Solar Program, you can save on your electricity with no up-front costs. You do not need to install expensive rooftop panels to participate. Here’s how it works:

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NOCO works with developers to build Community Solar projects in your area.

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The solar projects generate clean, locally sourced energy for the community.

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When you subscribe to the solar project, you’ll receive a share of the energy that’s generated.

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Each month, you’ll receive a credit on your electric bill for your share of the energy that’s been generated.

What’s more? You can cancel at any time, and there are no maintenance or long-term contracts required. In fact, all we need to get you started is your utility account number (so we know where to apply your solar credits). View the Customer Solar Subscription Agreement.

This program is available to residential customers in the National Grid and NYSEG service territories.

Community Solar Energy Services from NOCO

If you’ve thought about solar energy but were deterred by the idea of installing expensive solar panels, NOCO is here with a smart, sustainable solution. You can support renewable energy while enjoying savings on your electric bill and without any up-front costs or long-term obligations.

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