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For over 87 years, NOCO has been an immutable quality-focused force in the HVAC industry. Established in 1933 in Tonawanda, NY, we swiftly expanded to our Akron, NY location, where we’ve since remained steadfastly committed to providing top-notch residential heating and cooling services. Among the many things that set NOCO apart, our family-owned approach and community-focused ethos have led our regional success. Originally starting as a residential coal supplier, we’ve tirelessly evolved our services to meet the ever-shifting needs of our esteemed clients.

One such service we have refined and fine-tuned is air conditioning (AC) installation, an essential service integral to the modern home. Contemplating the fluctuating nature of New York’s climate, staying comfortable entails more than just owning an air conditioning system. That’s why AC installation is more than just an afterthought—it’s a critical aspect in ensuring the optimal functionality, durability, and efficiency of your HVAC system. Simply put, how your AC is installed can significantly impact your indoor comfort and, importantly, your energy costs.

At NOCO, we pride ourselves on delivering meticulous AC installation services designed to match your specific needs. As experts in this sphere, we understand how vital an optimally functioning AC unit is to your home’s comfort. Therefore, our highly skilled and licensed technicians employ a purposeful, client-forward approach to installation. From system selection to the final step of the installation process, we strive to ensure our clients receive stress-free and personalized solutions.

Your AC Installation Service Made Simple with NOCO

Given the geographical location, AC installation can be a challenging endeavor for many homeowners around Akron, NY. The outdoor fluctuations in temperature make it pivotal to acquire an AC system that’s suited to withstand various climate conditions. NOCO provides proficient consultation and high-quality AC systems and services. We work to ensure that each one of our clients receives the best-suited AC system for their home and circumstances, advising them to make an informed decision—be it on the energy efficiency, size, or type of their desired AC system.

Our belief that the community we serve is of paramount importance is why we also extend a series of comprehensive services covering areas under the broader umbrella of energy and heating services. Our service offerings include diesel and energy services in Buffalo, Heating & Air Conditioning Syracuse, HVAC in Tonawanda, along with propane and propane storage solutions across Akron and Lockport, NY.

NOCO is a locally revered name representing trust and reliability in the Akron community. Our reputation is founded on the quality of our products and craft. Each of our services is a reflection of that enduring quality. When you choose NOCO, you’re not only deciding to work with a company that’s committed to providing cutting-edge AC installation services, but you’re also entrusting your home to a team that upholds the values of a family-owned company rooted in the belief of giving back to the community.

At NOCO, we hope to contribute positively to the homes and lives of the Akron, NY community by offering more than typical HVAC services. For any form of assistance, whether it relates to AC installation, energy solutions, heating, or propane storage, our experts are willing and able to support every step of the way. NOCO – because community and comfort matter.

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