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NOCO, a family-owned company deeply rooted in its community, offers cutting-edge solutions for heating and cooling for more than eight decades. Since the beginning in Tonawanda, NY, in 1933, NOCO started as a humble residential coal supplier, but now extends beyond to deliver superior energy services. Our Akron, NY location specifically exemplifies this growth and innovation through its devotion specifically to residential heating and cooling services. Ensuring the comfort of your home, in every season, is at the heart of our mission. One of the advanced solutions we offer gratefully to our clients is the Ductless HVAC system, a solution guaranteeing your home’s comfort while promoting the energy efficiency of your residence.

Ductless HVAC systems, a revolutionary approach towards heating and cooling, offer a more flexible alternative to traditional methods. Characterized by their efficiency and flexibility, they bring both heating and air conditioning to a new standard, creating utmost comfort for your home with minimal energy consumption. Unlike traditional systems, which require extensive ductwork, these systems present a simpler installation, increased efficiency, and optimized control over your personal comfort.

The heart of the Ductless HVAC lies in its design. It consists of an outdoor unit linked to one or several indoor units by a conduit that houses the power cable and refrigerant tubing. This system facilitates ease of installation, as it is unnecessary to maneuver through walls and floors to install huge metal ducts. The absence of these ducts brings distinct advantages such as reduction of energy losses typically associated with ductwork and the subsequent energy cost savings for you.

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Adaptability is another noteworthy attribute of a Ductless HVAC system. Being able to equip each room in your house with an individual unit, allows for personalized temperature settings. This ensures that each room retains the temperature you find most comfortable. Irrespective of the type of room – whether it is a bedroom that you prefer to be cool, or a kitchen that needs warmth – you have the control to set the temperature accordingly, thus accentuating the beauty of your home environment, while optimizing energy use.

Additionally, the utilization of a Ductless HVAC system seals off the risk of bringing in allergens like dust and pollen that are transported through ductwork. As such, they come with multi-stage filtration systems that significantly reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates providing you with an increased quality of indoor air, further adding to your comfort and health.

As a family-owned business that started in Tonawanda, NOCO is not only your heating and cooling partner but also your neighbor. Our local proximity to various places like Akron, Lockport, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Jamestown aids us in providing prompt and reliable services to our customers in the region. We prioritized building relationships over transactions, ensuring comprehensive diesel and energy services, from propane storage to HVAC solutions.

In essence, Ductless HVAC systems offer you the assurance of a comfortable living space regardless of the season. NOCO, in its Akron location, proudly offers this technologically advanced solution as a part of its residential heating and cooling services. In our relentless efforts of bringing warmth, comfort, and freshness to every home while balancing energy efficiency, we continue to exist as your heating and cooling companion. Serving the communities which raised us, our comprehensive services – be it HVAC in Tonawanda, propane storage in Akron, or heating and air conditioning in Syracuse and Jamestown – have echoed our values of being “Family-owned and community focused.”. Yet, NOCO remains your local, reliable provider. Trust us with your energy needs, trust us with your comfort.

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