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NOCO, a reputable name built upon a foundation laid down in 1933 in Tonawanda, New York, has been serving communities with tailor-made heating and cooling solutions. What started as a humble residential coal supplier has now transformed into a comprehensive provider of energy services, including propane, propane storage, and state-of-the-art HVAC equipment, such as Ductless HVAC systems. Our multifaceted offerings span cities such as Akron, Buffalo, Lockport, Syracuse, and Jamestown, catering to diverse customer needs. Family-owned and community focused, NOCO epitomizes a commitment to quality, service, and lasting relationships. Here, we’ll focus specifically on our branch in Arcade, NY, and our specialized offerings in the Ductless HVAC domain.

A Ductless HVAC, or a ductless mini-split system, to give its traditional name, is a versatile, high-efficiency heating and cooling mechanism, which offers impressive performance. It comprises an outdoor compressor or condenser and an indoor air-handling unit, connected by a conduit. The outdoor unit adjusts based on the temperature setting input and the indoor unit disperses cool or warm air directly into the room. There are many benefits of installing a Ductless HVAC system. It provides excellent energy-efficiency due to the little loss of heated or cooled air, unlike conventional ducted systems, where air often escapes through ducts. Moreover, it allows for individual temperature control in each room, a feature that enhances energy savings. The ductless HVAC is streamlined and compact, offering an aesthetically pleasing alternative to bulky heating and cooling setups.

Specialized Ductless HVAC Services with NOCO

Tailoring such complex systems to suit specific needs requires highly trained professionals, and this is where NOCO shines. Being an industry leader in the Heating & Air Conditioning domain in Western New York, our team of expert technicians ensure the correct installation and maintenance of Ductless HVAC systems. Our immediate availability and reliable service in Buffalo, NY, and Akron, NY, further attest to our customer-oriented approach. With our expertise in energy services, we understand the balance required for an efficient and cost-effective home. Our services include regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, and are designed to grant you peace of mind. We walk you through each step in the process, ensuring you understand the mechanics of your system, its maintenance, and how to maximize energy savings.

By choosing NOCO for home comfort needs, you can count on getting more than just a service. You get a partnership backed by expert technicians, innovative technology, and a longstanding tradition of community-focused service. From our humble beginnings as a residential coal supplier to our current role as a diversified energy company, NOCO continues to evolve alongside the communities we serve.

Emphasizing the notion, “Family-owned and community-focused,” NOCO remains strongly rooted in its rich history while continually looking forward. We know every family is unique, and therefore, so are their heating and cooling needs. We operate with the same drive and commitment that started in Tonawanda in 1933, and that continues to mold our future. Trust NOCO, your local, family-owned heating and cooling expert in Arcade, NY.

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