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solar power company new yorkNOCO has a solution for people wanting cleaner, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly energy for their homes. Our Community Solar program, a state-led program, gives you all the benefits of solar energy without the upfront costs and long-term expenses.

How does Community Solar work?

The United Stated Department of Energy defines programs like Community Solar as “any solar project or purchasing program, within a geographic area, in which the benefits of a solar project flow to multiple customers such as individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and other groups. In most cases, customers are benefitting from energy generated by solar panels at an off-site array.”

In plain English, you get the benefits of solar energy for your Western New York home without having to install solar panels on the roof of your home. That’s because NOCO collaborates with developers to build Community Solar installations in your region. Those installations generate clean solar energy for your community.

Community Solar also makes the benefits of solar energy available to areas where solar energy hasn’t been viable before, such as lower-income communities, and Tribal nations.

How Community Solar works for you

The solar farms NOCO’s Community Solar programs send the electricity generated to the local electrical grid.

Everyone in your community benefits by the use of solar-generated electricity because it reduces our carbon footprint. But you benefit in other ways when you participate in Community Solar.

When you subscribe to NOCO’s Community Solar program in your community, you get a share of the energy generated. That helps you not only make your home more environmentally friendly, but you also save money because you receive a credit on your electric bill each month for your share of the energy generated by your local Community Solar project.

You can also make NOCO your electricity supplier for low rates with the convenience of keeping your same utility and delivery service.

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