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geothermal heat new yorkAbout 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are generated by residential energy use for heating, cooling, and powering homes.

There are many ways that we can shrink our home’s environmental impact, such as adding insulation, installing efficient windows, and buying EnergyStar®-rated appliances.

To make a big difference, you can switch to energy sources that are renewable and more sustainable. NOCO can help you do this with our solar energy and geothermal services.


NOCO’s Community Solar program allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to add solar panels to your home! Here’s how it works.

When you sign up for Community Solar, your subscription helps NOCO work with developers to build Community Solar projects in your community. When these projects are done, your community will have access to sustainable, clean solar energy. You’ll receive a share of that energy, reducing your home’s environmental and climate impact. Not only that, you’ll get a credit on your electric bill for your share of the solar energy Community Solar has generated!


Heating and cooling make up about half of your home’s energy uses. By using geothermal, you can shrink your carbon footprint dramatically! That’s because geothermal heating and cooling creates ZERO greenhouse gas emissions!

A ground-source heat pump system uses the energy generated by the sun warming the ground, and the constant underground temperature to provide heating or cooling for your home in a closed-loop system of pipes that circulate from your home underground and back again.

During summer, the heat in your home is transferred to the ground via the pipes. As the ground is cooler, the water recirculates back into your home cooler than the air, providing air conditioning.

During winter, the ground is warmer than the air in your home. So the water circulated through the geothermal pipes is heated underground and comes back to supply heating.

Using a geothermal system installed by NOCO helps you not only save energy but slash your heating and cooling costs as it costs less to operate and maintain than conventional heating and cooling systems, and lasts longer.

Consult with NOCO’s energy experts about your options when it comes to making your home’s energy supply more sustainable. Get in touch with us to get started!

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