How NOCO can be your natural gas supplier

about natural gas new yorkDo you use natural gas in your Western New York home? If so, you likely know that it is remarkably energy-efficient and versatile. It can power your home heating system, range, water heater, clothes dryer, and more!

You may not know much beyond that, but that’s OK. We’re here to help! NOCO is your local natural gas supplier with outstanding rates that can help you save money on your home’s energy costs.

What you should know about natural gas

What is natural gas? The natural gas we use today originates from microscopic plant and animal life that lived in shallow marine environments millions of years ago. Since they absorbed energy from the sun, there were carbon molecules in their bodies. Over the millennia, as generations died and sank to the bottom of the sea, they were covered with multiple layers of sediment and became more compacted the deeper they went into the earth. That compaction, combined with heat, is what creates natural gas.

How is natural gas delivered? Production companies drill and extract the natural gas from the earth. From there, it is transported by pipelines to natural gas utilities, which direct the gas to their customers through their infrastructure of gas mains and lines.

What is a natural gas supplier?

You may be surprised to know that your local natural gas utility is not your only option when it comes to natural gas for your home or business.

Energy deregulation began in the 1990s and gave birth to energy suppliers. It opened up numerous states’ energy markets for customers to choose their own supplier. New York is one of those states.

Your local utility firm still distributes natural gas to your home and is in charge of the natural gas infrastructure in your area when you choose NOCO as your natural gas supplier. If you have a difficulty with your gas supply or if there is a problem with your gas pipes, you should still get help through your natural gas utility.

A natural gas supplier is someone who simply delivers the natural gas that goes into your house.

With NOCO, you get our Guaranteed Savings Program. Over a 12-month period, we guarantee that your natural gas rate will be lower than that of your default natural gas supply.

You can also enjoy these savings when it comes to your electric bill, as NOCO is also an electricity supplier!

Become a NOCO customer and get the best natural gas rates around!

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